Where in the Web Are You?

This is the "personal homepage" of Jeff Sonstein. Some details about my life can be found by following the links in the menu above, and you can access my public calendars Google Calendars. This machine houses a number of projects run by me and a few other people, focusing on collaboration. Ariadne is designed to provide a resource center for people working on the World Wide Web who need a "neutral zone", a virtual space clear of rules other than the civility required to share resources.

Why is This Machine Named Ariadne?

Ariadne was the daughter of Minos and Pasiphae, the King and Queen of Knossos. Ariadne thought up a simple solution to the problem of the man she loved (Theseus, the rat) surviving the Labyrinth. I named this machine after her because it is a home for developing simple solutions to (seemingly) complex problems. (Oh yeah, and after killing the Minotaur with the magic sword Ariadne gave him, Theseus fled Crete and abandoned her.)

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